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In 2014, Peacemaker Corps Association (PCA) launched the “Peace in the Streets Global Film Festival” for youth, 18 and under.  We believe that giving young people the tools and platform to have their voices heard and actively participate in making peace at home are the first steps to achieving our mission.


What Peace In The Streets Global Film Festival provides:

Gives the youth of the world a Voice in world affairs – their opportunity to speak and tell their story of how THEY would make Peace in the Streets

Affect change – gets the youth thinking and speaking – and ultimately ACTING toward a peaceful world: be it in their home, neighborhood, community or world!

Ultimately: Raises funds to produce videos of the Peacemaker Corps Curriculum – The 7 Modules of Peacemaking

Create videos of each of the modules of the Peacemaker training

Distribute to all K-12 schools

Distribute to all Youth and Faith Based organizations in US

Distribution will be free of charge and shipping fees

Hosting an annual Peace in the Streets Film Festival


Where does the Sponsorship money go?

Pays for all submissions and technology uploading

Technology updates, website additions and managing social media networks

Covers the costs to produce the Live Festival Event at the UN

 Towards the production of  30 minute shows featuring the films the youth create to broadcast nationally – further exposure and promotion of the message

 Covers costs for the winners to attend the Awards Reception which includes a 2 day trip to NY meals and accommodations

 Prizes for the Finalists: and gifts for Participants

 Underwrite costs for the UN Conference


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The Peacemaker Corps mission is to facilitate and support peace and tolerance education among the youth of the world.  The Peacemaker Corps empowers generations to come together and make our world a peaceful, compassionate, safe and tolerant place to live.

The PSGFF is produced in association with the Peacemaker Corp Association (PCA), a 501(c)(3)  officially recognized  Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) with ECOSCO status affiliated with the United Nations for over 14 years. Peacemaker Corps has reached over 100,000 teens since the launch in 1997.


Carole Sumner Krechman Interviewed on GCTV with Bill Miller


Carole Sumner Krechman Interviewed about Peacemaker Corps Association on Eye On The Desert


Suzanne Harvey, Executive Director, talks about Peace in the Street Global Film Festival



Carole Sumner Krechman Interviewed about Peace In The Streets Global Film Festival

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Carole Sumner Krechman of Peacemaker Corps Association at UN Assembly

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Carole Sumner Krechman Interviewed about Peacemaker Corps Association

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Suzanne Harvey interviewed about PSGFF and  Peacemaker Corps Association

Carole Krechman at the Frank Boyer Radio Show




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Suzanne Harvey